Wow… only my FOURTH post!

So incredibly sorry everybody…. I’ve left you hungry for more of my awesome bloggery for a week. But alas, here you are.

Things that have happened recently….kid-18120pink1
I finally closed Forever 21 for the Win
p!nk’s Ride
Promotion the station is doing in February/March… I’m uber excited because I’ve been pitching them forever. Things I’m not excited about…. having to attend the Car Giveaway Event in March where I have to wear something pink… I’m thinking this suit will work though….




The upcoming weekend also has LOTS of excitement in store… such as The Awesome 80’s Power Hour on Saturday night… all the usuals will be there… Steve, JP Party, Mack (she will bring our child), Nichelle… Camaro… and I’m sure some other reckless vandals too. After that, we’re headed to SoPo for Kim’s birthday! woohoo! These power hour’s get pretty instense, and I usually don’t make it home to my own bed those days…. oops.

Anyway… back to work I go… I’ll try to write more later…


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