Change has come to America

So here we are…. just after 12:00noon on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009. Change has come to America…. I’ve officially started Twittering, and Blogging here at WordPress. Thanks to JP Party for the suggestion that I start a blog.


Really though, change has come to America so significantly this morning. I spent the morning on and their Webcast / Facebook site watching the Inaugural Events and watching the country update their statuses as the day progressed. I learned a few things today… 1) How to spell inaugural. 2) How passionate people really have become throughout this electoral process. Sure, we heard Wolf Blitzer talk about how this past political season “Has brought Young America to the Polls in record numbers,” and sure, I was at Grant Park on Election Night when Barack swept the election, but to see all those people sitting, waiting, listening, hoping on the National Mall really was awe-inspiring. About 14 of us at work sat in the Green Room and watched Obama and Biden be sworn into office…. it really was a cool experience. I actually got chills watching it happen. I don’t believe that Barack is the second-coming, but I do believe that what he has done will really help change our America. He’s reinvigorated people… people want to be a part of change, people want to be a part of our democratic process, people have taken ownership of it. I give him a lot of credit for that… our America hasn’t seen that since Kennedy took office so long ago. My hope is that America continues to take pride and ownership in our country, and this Idea of Change isn’t like a New Year’s Resolution that people forget about 30 days from now.

So enough with the politics… what’s everyone doing this weekend? I want to get drunk… All 80’s Power Hour? Everbody Wang Chung!


One Response to Change has come to America

  1. JP Party aka: Jackie says:

    Yeah! Excited you started one…it just got bookmarked! Change is here….but of course it’s going to take time…hmmmmm…this weekend? Domination and then relaxation..that’s the name of my game.

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